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  • about golesh surf school

    golesh(=surfer in Hebrew) surf school is located at Aviv and Maaravi beaches(10min walk from Aviv beach) close to Jaffa, which we choose by the best waves every day, beginners and experienced surfers are welcome to join our surfing community where a valuable surfing tip and

    a worm welcome is always present.


    would you like to surf in the beautiful Mediterranean sea of Israel?

    Do you want to relax with a paddle board (sup)?

    Do you want to know more about the ocean?

    Join us for joyful private lessons, guided surfing groups or fun days including memorable

    photography. Corporate groups are welcome as well…

    Let's enjoy the wonderful summer together with a clear beautiful sea, awesome atmosphere

    and a private attention. We are waiting!

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    lessons Prices

    surfing lessons are 60/90 min long (with full equipment and private guide)


    Single lesson



    private lesson

    150/200₪ Per person

    lesson for 2+ people



    Course (3 lessons)




    425/550₪ Per person

    (2+ people)


    rent a surfboard with surfing Lycra/wetsuite - 2 hour - 100₪

  • In our school ...

    Swell surf school included in the price.料金に含まれるもの

    included in the price

    The price includes softboard or paddle board, wetsuit (in necessary season) or surfing t-shirt, place to keep your staff, water, sun cream and a big smile :)

    Swell surf school taken photograph 写真を撮ります

    taking photographs

    Take your surfing style to the next level. To your consent, we can photograph your surfing/lessons to see how you look like out there and provide helpful tips for fine tune your style.

    You can keep the photos for fun and cherished memories.

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  • Staff introduction

    Swell surf school  Staff introduction Main staff

    Main staff


    33 years old, started surfing when I was 9 years old. The sea became my first home. I have been teaching since 2009. my love to surf taking me around the world.

    Swell surf school  Staff introduction Owner



    I am a girl and I love the sea, born at 2016.

    I am a surfer dog, with loaded with style!

  • Yotam's Surfing tours

    waves, relax & cerveca

    Swell surf school Yotam's  Surfing tours 

    Costa Rica+Panama

    07 / 2009 About 3 month

    Swell surf school Yotam's  Surfing tours 


    02 / 2010 About 3 month

    Swell surf school Yotam's  Surfing tours 


    01 / 2013 About 7 month

    Swell surf school Yotam's  Surfing tours 


    12/ 2015 About 1 month

    Swell surf school Yotam's  Surfing tours 


    09 / 2016 About 1 month

    Swell surf school Yotam's  Surfing tours 

    El Salvador

    11 / 2018 About 3 month

    Swell surf school Yotam's  Surfing tours 

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    If you have any questions,
    please feel free to contact us.

    Tupim beach
    we work at 2 close beaches- choosing by the waves every day, please contact for more details and exact location
    +972-507576007 WhatsApp - Yotam